Portfolio – Personal Styling

This page serves to highlight some of the stylings I’ve done as a freelance consultant. Most of the work I’ve done is for photoshoots, but hopefully, that will expand in the near future to include professional consulting as well.

Jess + Jesse

The first couple styling that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Done for their two-year anniversary photoshoot, this style features very few bold colors, opting for something more subtle and refined through use of the leather and gold accents to pull out the green leaves of the camp-style shirt.

Not all the pieces are new, and in the blog post that follows I’ll go into greater depth about what I decided to have them buy and what we could use from what was available in their closets.


So this was the first. The first time I styled someone and had professional photos were taken. And if I’m allowed to brag just a tiny bit, they look amazing.

We decided to do the photos in Holland, just as a “school got done let’s go do something fun” sort of session. So I focused on bright colors, against semi-neutral backgrounds.

“Boho-chic” was the vibe that we were going for, and I think we succeeded.

Aiyana was the ideal model, and our photographer (@kelseyreneephotos) was professional, calm and collected through the entire process.

I’ve gone ahead and included Kelsey’s professional instagram, should you wish to hire a first-rate photographer who’s something of a local talent

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