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There is a need for companies to step up in terms of sustainability. In terms of ethically produced materials and practices that leave the most minimal impact on the planet. There’s a need for companies who support their workers, invest in their communities and are transparent about the work that they’re doing to hold themselves to a higher standard. There’s a need for these companies to show up for the words they say in the “About Us” sections of their website.

Nisolo was founded on the idea that those needs have to be met. The fashion industry is in need of a rewrite, and Nisolo set out as the brand who would prove that it’s possible.

Nisolo's showroom in Nashville.
Nisolo’s Nashville-based showroom

This is the second Nashville-based brand that I’ve covered in this blog (can you find the pattern here?) and I’m fairly sure it won’t be the last by quite a long shot. While imogene+willie was worth noting because of the aesthetic direction of the brand, Nisolo stands apart because of the example they set. Like I said before, there’s a need for brands to stand up and walk the sustainability talk that they preach so loudly to a worldwide stage. Nisolo checks all the boxes.

One of the beliefs that I founded this blog around is the idea that, as men, we show the world our priorities through the brands that we buy. We show what values we hold as important through the messages and stories that we tell through our clothing and through the contents of our closets. I do not believe that one rule holds true for all however. I don’t believe that just because someone bought a shirt at H&M they deserve to be tarred and feathered. But once we reach a certain stage in our life, we ought to take a greater care in choosing the brands or locations that we buy our clothing from.

Nisolo is a brand that I can feel comfortable buying from, even though they’re more expensive than the average pair of Vans, a customer can rest easy in the knowledge that they’re buying from a source that will use their investment to improve the world. Through their work to ensure 0% net carbon emissions and providing a 100% livable wage for employees regardless of status in the company, Nisolo doesn’t just walk the talk they preach. They strut.

And damn do they look good doing it.

Nisolo’s Founding Team, Zoe Cleary and Patrick Woodyard

Nisolo (loosely translated to “Not Solo”) is the brainchild of Patrick Woodyard who started the company in 2011 with Zoe Cleary, an LA-based fashion designer, who’s largely responsible for the brands impeccable aesthetic direction. They drew inspiration from one of Patrick’s business trips to Peru where he witnessed firsthand the care and intention on display from local artisans. He was in awe of the skill and precision of the craftsmanship but regretted the lack of a local market. Therefore, Nisolo was started using the skills of Peruvian craftspeople and the fashion-hungry market that America is known for. But that doesn’t make a company special. Sure the inspiration might be interesting to geeks like me who like reading about that sort of thing, but what caught customer’s attention (and continues to hold it) is the incredibly strong aesthetic direction.

Please read more about the work they’re doing on their website, and check out the blog for more information about the company’s dedication to changing and adapting to ensure a better world for all.

An example of the clean, sophisticated elegance that Nisolo does like no one else

But enough of me waxing poetic about their commitment to the environment. It only gives us the air to breathe after all. Let’s talk shoes for a little bit. In a similar style to my imogene+willie post, I’ll just include pictures of the shoes and link the page from Nisolo’s website so you can go look them up for yourself!

Men’s Shoes and Boots:

Women’s Shoes and Boots:

Men’s Accessories: Although let’s be real. Accessories have no gender.

Women’s Accessories: Again, accessories don’t have gender. Do what you want.

Ethical Marketplace: Nisolo has a page that features products from outside vendors who match the brand’s focus on sustainability and aesthetic. These are my favorites.

And that’s my rough introduction to Nisolo. I’ve loved the brand for a while and, though I haven’t had a chance to experience their footwear yet, I’ll be picking up a pair of their sneakers and writing and in-depth review once I do!

As always, thank you so much for reading and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Y’all are the best.

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