New Obsessions – Imogene + Willie

Something I note about a website (or a store), often before I even start looking through the products, is the way that the owners or creators play with color. There’s more research surrounding the way that colors are put together and the way that those colors make you feel.

So when I went to go visit Imogene + Willie’s website (and I really don’t feel like typing that out over and over again, so I’ll call it “i+w” from now on), I was pleasantly surprised to find the colors more calming than some of the others that I’ve come to find. The company started with the goal of creating the most comfortable pair of jeans you could find, and that pride in history is evident from the first picture.

But first, a quick review of the company. Imogene + Willie was started on January 26, 20009 with a single email. The goal was to sell 250 pairs of pants. The Imogene was the women’s cut, and the Willie was the men’s version. Needless to say, they sold quite a few more pairs of jeans than the simple 250 they had planned. Then they set up shop in an old Nashville service station, and the Imogene + Willie storefront was born.

Matt and Carrie, the owners, creators and visionaries behind Imogene + Willie (Shot by Esther Lee)

Back to my previous comment about colors. When we visit websites, the first thing that we tend to notice is the color scheme that the owners picked out. What I noticed first about I+W’s website is that they used a very calm, clean color of cream. Soft pink spreads across the top of the page and the words are a soft, easy grey. It’s easy to read without being aggressively in your face, and it’s honestly a pleasure to scroll down and view what products are offered. The first picture is of a folded pile of jeans, worn and obviously broken-in, stacked together to show that the seams and stitching are placed with care and intention. It also doesn’t help that blue, as a color, is strongly correlated with trust. It helps set the mind at ease while browsing the website, and I love it.

Honestly, that phrase could easily be applied to the rest of the website (and the clothes that they sell). Care and intention seem to be the heart of this company, and any clothes that are made with this level of care and intention demand attention without being overly showy. When you visit the shop, the patterns of old jeans hanging from the ceiling should be a testament to that.

The rest of this blog is an amalgamation of pieces that I love, pieces that I want, and pieces that I believe that everyone should own. Organized by garment, not by gender.







As always, thank you so much for reading! I hope this is a general “return to form”, and I can’t wait to find more wonderful little stores to explore!

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