New Obsessions: Tenden

I was in Grand Haven at Aldea Coffee, enjoying a cup of coffee at and a wonderful catch-up session with one of my best friends, when an incredibly friendly barista caught a couple words of our conversation and recommended this small, unassuming menswear boutique very closely to where we were sitting. After a short but illuminating conversation, Caitlin and I made our way through downtown Grand Haven towards Tenden.

It’s a small shop and the window is packed full with merchandise that would fulfill the dreams of nearly every 20-something with a passion for menswear. Shirts, shaving equipment, leather key rings and pants line the displays and I got progressively more excited as we made our way closer to the door.

Upon opening the door, we were welcomed by a friendly wave and an enthusiastic greeting from the only other person in the shop. His name is Todd, and he’s the owner, tailor and salesperson who runs the joint. Tenden is his lovechild, and that couldn’t possibly be more apparent when he talks about his shop.

The reason I love Tenden so much is that, unlike many other boutiques, most of the product sold there is manufactured in the same space. In fact, the website’s first opening words are “Buy Wear Made”, a wonderful little play on words that describe the intention of the shop perfectly. It’s an homage back to traditional haberdasheries, and the products sold there continue that theme.

Here’s a couple of my favorites from their shop!

Type 2 Selvedge Denim Jacket – modern fit with all the classic fittings

Chambray Long Sleeve Shirt – 100% cotton chambray in a modern, heavy fit

The Original Selvedge – made of Cone Mills selvedge denim with a modern slim fit

Lady White Co. Raglan Thermal Bone

Backpack – made with 10oz waxed canvas and 10oz vegan tanned leather

Leather Lanyard – handmade in-house with brass fittings

Douk Douk Black Folder Knife

This is just a short list of the wonderful things that I’ve found in their shop, but there’s a whole world of handmade aprons, pants and shirts that change by the season, so there’s always a new reason to visit! If you stop by or have had any experience with them, please let me know! I know I’ll be visiting again in the very near future, hopefully with a cup of Aldea coffee in my hand.

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