Instagram Outfit: 10/13/2020

I want to do something different.

Yes, again.

It’s fall, the leaves are turning colors, and it’s finally cold enough for me to break out the cardigans. That being said, this blog is finally turning into what I wanted it to be when I started off writing.

Oh also, since I’m not like, a “legit” fashion blogger yet (and since I got a lot of these pieces either secondhand or through clearance events that have long since ended), I’ll be recreating this look with pieces that I wish I could afford. Hopefully that will change. But anyway, here we go!

Patagonia – Wild Idea Work Boots

Since the shoes that I’m wearing are from Plato’s Closet (and cost $15.00), these work boots from Patagonia would be a significant upgrade. Patagonia also has a line of sustainably sourced hiking meals called Patagonia Provisions, and these boots are another way that the company tries to close the circle of material use. I think they look fantastic, and they’d make a wonderful base for the beginning of this outfit.

Darn Tough – Solid Basic Knee High

So, confession time. I really, really like socks that are knee high versus something like a crew. Crew socks, for some reason, can never stay up properly and I hate when socks look frumpy (for lack of a better term). These are the exact socks I’m wearing in my outfit, so at least I can speak from personal experience.

J.Crew – 484 Slim Fit Chino (Balsam)

Again, these are the exact pants that I’m wearing in the photo. I think they look a little baggy on me, but these are the slim fits that are available on the website (I’ve said before, I personally prefer a skinny/slim fitted pant). I decided to pinroll the cuffs slightly above the top of the boot today, which left a little slit to show the soft grey of the sock beneath.

Madewell – Denim Button-Down

This is simply the “stepped up” version of the shirt that I’m wearing (which I bought secondhand). The buttons are traditional instead of clasped, but the way that the denim/chambray wears over time is nearly identical. However, this is a denim shirt, so it will be a bit warm if it’s used in an outfit anytime before mid-October.

BB Dakota – Belting Point Cardigan

The cardigan I’m wearing in the picture is, in fact, a women’s cardigan that I got three years ago while Christmas shopping at Forever 21 (please don’t judge, I’ve seen the error of my ways). This one I found on Nordstrom Rack, and is essentially the same garment, just without the fun pattern. It comes in both a pink and an oatmeal shade, and has a removable belt (which I never use so I just take it out).

And there it is! While the colors might not be exactly the same (especially with the cardigan), the pieces together will re-create my look, without it feeling like an exact copy. If you end up trying it out, please contact me and let me know how it goes!

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