Outfit: A Love Letter to Fall

So this is the first in a new type of blog that I’m going to be writing. I love fashion (obviously), and these new, shorter blogs are an exploration into the realm(s) of styling and color matching/theory. They’re designed to be easy to read, digest and draw inspiration from. The pieces of clothing are meant to serve as a reference rather than a full recommendation. There won’t be as much history (like “The Ideal Summer Shirt“), but there will be a limited amount of justification why I picked these pieces. I mean, c’mon, I picked these pieces for a reason.

I started thinking about these types of blogs as I was looking for color palettes on Pinterest (for a project for the house, but I’ll write about that later). I found a ton of amazing color palette references, and a friend suggested that I design and curate outfits that are rooted in these color schemes. I decided to take their advice.

So the inspiration for this outfit is the seasonal transition from fall to winter (at least, in Michigan). By this point in the year the temperature has fallen significantly, the winds are brutal and hard and frost is a permanent fixture on the lawns of college campuses across the state. There are still some colors (green, orange, red, grey, light blue), and this outfit draws on a couple of those. It’s the perfect season for coffee shops, small record stores, going to the bar or hanging out in the library with friends while trying to avoid the existential dread of finals.

So order your favorite overpriced coffee, put the needle down on a vintage John Denver album and take a seat. This is going to be fun.

Since the color palette that I’m basing this outfit off of really only has three colors (green, grey and yellow), the shoes had to tie into the outfit as a whole rather than serve as the statement piece. That comes later.

However, these shoes draw just enough attention to the bottom of the outfit to make people watching want to take in the entire ensemble. The subtle green shade will stand apart from the black of the jeans without drawing too much attention away from the torso, making the outfit look well thought out and cohesive.

And yes, I’ve linked women’s shoes. Swallow your pride and realize that women’s shoes are usually cuter than men’s. Just admit it.


DU/ER doesn’t make cheap pieces of clothing. Everything they make – from the jeans to the jackets – is carefully thought out, meticulously designed and stunningly executed. That’s why I fell in love with these jeans the moment I tired them on at work. They’re a slim fit – which is something I believe everyone can pull off – and they have enough stretch in them to remain comfortable during those typical Michigan hot days in the middle of fall.

The black color for this pair draws the eye towards the ends of the outfit, again making it seem more balanced, like the wearer actually took time to make sure they looked good before leaving the house this morning.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Just buy the dang thing. They’re comfortable, they flex with the body – thanks to a tiny bit of elastic hidden just behind the belt loop – and they look amazing on pretty much any outfit I can imagine. Just do yourself a favor. Buy it.


Aran Sweater Market has been in the business of makings sweaters that people want to wear since 1892. It’s fair to say that they’ve earned the reputation that they’re tasked with upholding. That same reputation makes these 100% wool sweaters some of the most sought-after garments in the entire world when temps start to plummet.

It’s a magnificent insulator and will keep all but the fiercest winds away from your body, creating a wonderfully warm pocket of air around your body. This one comes with the bonus of protecting your neck from those same blustery drafts


This, rather than the shoes, is the “statement piece” for this outfit. It’s the color that grabs the attention, holds it there and then allows the eyes to gravitate to the other, more subtle details through the outfit (i.e. the sweater pattern, the green shoes, the white hat or the earrings).

The jacket acts like a planet. It creates gravity, so that everything circles around it perfectly. The color draws the outfit together and creates a wonderful, curated look (which is what the point is). Really any jacket that is a bright, eye catching color (other than pure white) would work in this situation, but I really loved the yellow and multiple shades of grey and greens together. It’s a personal preference thing.

This is the final nod to the green that’s apparent in the palette. They’re not huge, they don’t weigh a lot, they’re hellishly cheap, and they support a small business owner (something else I’ll write more about in the future). Really, these olive green earrings tie the shoes into the rest of the outfit and accentuate the jawline of whomever wears them. This isn’t just a feminine thing. It’s an “everyone” thing.

Stetson’s been making hats since 1865 with the hat called “The Boss of the Plains”. Since then, the brand’s been a cornerstone of high quality hats and the name’s become synonymous for high quality.

The Pioneer is part of the new Stetson Seeker collection, and is advertised on their website as a update on the original “Boss of the Plains” model. For this outfit I really like how the white of the leather would pull the attention (after first taking in the jacket and sweater) towards the face to complete the full effect.

That’s it! Thank you for reading this, and please leave a comment or reach out to me and let me know what you think! If you’ve got suggestions, criticisms or questions, I’d love to hear from you!

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