Rewriting Masculinity

“I’m Sending This Memo To Every Guy In The World. Making An Effort With Your Wardrobe Doesn’t Mean You’re A Wuss. Making An Effort Means You’re Serious About The Life You Want.”

– Tan France

This blog is an attempt to talk about what’s wrong with modern-day masculinity. I’ll mostly be writing about fashion, but with a different twist. While other blogs will focus on how “proper men” ought to dress, this will be focused on breaking down the gender barrier through experimentation. I want people to be comfortable with who they want to be, and this blog will hopefully be a way to explore what that means.

I’ll attempt to write from a place of love, probably use too many swear words and use grammar so bad you’ll wonder how I passed the 2nd grade. I’ll be unedited, crass and sometimes rude (though that’s mostly due to lack of caffeine). It will be a place where we check religious and political beliefs at the door as I attempt to grow beyond the lessons I’ve been fed since childhood.

In short, I’ll hopefully create a space where it’s safe to contemplate new ideas and perspectives. Welcome to Rewriting Masculinity.

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